Lvmpd Collective Bargaining Agreement

A copy of the last collective agreement/collective agreement between this department and the local police union, the order of the brothers or a benevolent organization or a similar organization. NrS 288.150 (5) b) authorizes the sheriff to “take all necessary measures to assume his or her responsibilities in emergency situations such as unrest, military action, natural disasters or disturbances. These measures may include the suspension of a collective agreement for the duration of the emergency. Officer Larry HadfieldOffice of Public InformationLas Vegas Metropolitan Police Department400-B South Martin L. King Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106 702.828.4082 office- 7 702.828.1550 fax` –[cid: image009.jpg-01CF8BD4. DF710F50] [cid:image010.jpg-01CFBD4. DF710F50] [cid:image011.png-01CF8BD4. DF710F50] [cid:image012.jpg-01CF8BD4. DF710F50] [cid:image007.jpg-01D0152A.9A2D8D0] “At this point, The intention to suspend collective agreements is to: Give LVMPD management the opportunity to potentially circumvent the limitation of a 14-day layoff before a permanent or semi-permanent transfer of staff,” the spokesman said in a statement to the current day. This measure has been implemented, as in the case of additional diligence, in the event that a single patrol is to be completed in the event that field operations are heavily influenced by COVID 19 in the coming weeks. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police in Las Vegas confirms that collective agreements with officials and other employees have been suspended as a precautionary measure if more police are needed on the ground. The stage came when Clark County suspended union contracts with health care workers, public sector employees and firefighters. .

Hello DeRay, please send a phone number so it can be added to your request. I will pass on the information you have requested again . . . The requested documents are made available to the public and this request is not made for commercial purposes. . In accordance with the Nevada Public Records Act, I request the following recordings: . Las Vegas Police Protective Association President Steve Grammas did not immediately respond to a request for advice. Thank you in advance for your expected cooperation on this issue.

I look forward to your response to this question within 5 working days, as required by the statute. Please visit the Las Vegas Police Protection Associations website for information on current and past contracts. Hello, here is the phone number you can use: 407-808-6873. MuckRock users can record, duplicate, track and share public records like this one. More information. In case it is not possible to waive without a fee, I would be grateful if you would give me the total fee before responding to my request. I would prefer that the application electronically, by email appendix, if available, or CD-ROM, if not.

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