Uni Regensburg Erasmus Learning Agreement

Website:www.uni-regensburg.fr/index.html.fr To participate in the various ERASMUS activities, universities must receive the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2021 and sign bilateral agreements with partner institutions. The Charter defines the fundamental principles that institutions must respect, while bilateral agreements set out the specifics of each institutional cooperation. Courses offered in English: www.uni-regensburg.de/ur-international/exchange-students/courses/courses-in-english/index.html CEU has signed Erasmus partnership contracts for the 2020-2021 academic years with the following institutions: Academic Calendar: www.uni-regensburg.de/ur-international/academic-calendar/index.html – Please note that following Switzerland`s vote on 9 February 2014, the EU suspended the ongoing negotiations on Switzerland`s participation in the Erasmus programme. Student exchanges with partner universities will continue under the new Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) with bilateral exchange agreements. Scholarships for students are covered by the Swiss side. For more information on funding opportunities, please visit the chosen university`s website . . . D AUGSBUR01 – University of Augsburg / University of Augsburg – History (M /D / T) Lesktoren/innen overview, during a language test can. . The apprenticeship agreement is issued by your home institution. Many exchange students also receive certificates of arrival and departure from their home institution.

If this is not the case, we will give you a letter confirming your arrival and departure dates. D GOTTING01 – University of Gottingen / Georg August University of Gottingen – Middle Ages (M /D / T); – Political Science (M/T) . . IF MARIBOR01 – University of Maribor / Univerza v Mariboru – Philosophy (M /D / T) For German students entering a “program country” (mainly EU countries), please visit our German website and see here. . D MUNCHEN01 – Ludwig-Maximilians University Munchen / Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munchen – Medieval Studies (M /D/T); – Philosophy (M / D / T) E BARCELO02 – Autonomous University of Barcelona / Universitat Auténoma de Barcelona – History (T) . Although Maria Grotz is the Erasmus institutional coordinator at the University of Regensburg, your main contact and advisor is Christine Betzner. Together with her colleague Katharina Schmaus, she helps you answer your questions about your stay in Regensburg. How do I get an English list of my studies? (pdf) D LEIPZIG01 – University of Leipzig / University of Leipzig – International Relations (M/D /T) If you are having problems with the PDF form (z.B. if the course titles are too long), you can use the word form. Please pay attention to the format: We cannot receive forms with 3 or more pages. .

SK BRATISL04 – The Academy of Fine Arts and Design of Bratislava / Vysoka etkola v`tvarn`ch umena v Bratislave – Nationalism Studies Program (T) . . Form for all those who do not have a bachelor`s degree at the UR and do not yet have a German certificate. . CZ BRNO05 – Masaryk University Brno / Masarykova Univerzita – Centre for Eastern Mediterranean Studies (M/D/T) Experience report for the teaching assistant programme, UNITED States (coverage) F PARIS057 – School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences / School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS) – Philosophy (M /D / T) CZ OSTRAVA02 – Ostrava University / Ostravska univerzita v Ostrave – History (M / D / T); – Medieval Studies (M/D/T) Learning Agreement 2019/20 (PDF form on PC Fill) University of Regensburg is located on a 150 hectare campus on the southern outskirts of the old town, just a 15 minute bus ride away.

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