Ursa Major Solar Needs To Ensure Compliance With A Platinum Service Level Agreement

182. What are the two actions a director should take to provide a sales team with a simple solution to collect customers` needs and exchange presentations with clients? (Choose two.) Are short words or phrases that users can associate with most Salesforce.com data sets to describe and organize their data in a personalized way? 313. What happens when a worthless lead is converted into the business? 163. Universal Containers has a custom object called Feedback, which is used to gather honest feedback from users about their work experience. The sales team manager and all representatives have roles in the hierarchy of roles with sales agents directly under the sales team manager. HR requires that all feedback data records be private for each user. Managers should not have access to subordinate feedback records. What steps should a director take to ensure that this requirement is met? 291. A vice-president of distribution wants to display dashboard data by region of his territory – what function does he allow? 176. The Ursa Major Solar administrator must provide information on total Salesforce licenses, used licenses and remaining salesforce licenses. Where do you find the installation of this information? 322.

You work with a professional publishing organization. You want to install expense Tracker which requires the use of 4 custom tabs, 3 custom objects and a custom application. If the company already uses 4 apps, 36 custom objects and 7 custom tabs, what happens when they try to install Expense Tracker? 292. The system administrator has been asked to ensure that an email is sent to Sales Ops in the event of a sale opportunity being closed to inform them of the agreement. What evaluation criteria does the system administrator use for the workflow rule? 224. An Ursa Major Solar user tries to connect to Salesforce from an IP address outside the IP login area in the user`s profile, but within the company`s reliable IP area. What happens as a result of this scenario? 192. Ursa Major Solar launches a new type of solar panel. An administrator must create a sales process for this new product. What are three considerations for the administrator in this scenario? (Choose three.) 66. SFDC allows me to add a report hierarchy (or chart) to my contacts. In this way, I can better understand the structural dynamics within the companies I sell to, and think about who to turn to for certain aspects of sales.

334. Validation rules can evaluate a sales position with the opportunity associated with valid CRT-251 dumps shared by PrepAwayExam.com to go through the CRT-251 test! PrepAwayExam.com present the latest CRT-251 dumps, the CRT-251-Exam PrepAwayExam.com have been updated and the answers corrected to get the latest crT-251-Dumps PrepAwayExam.com with Test Engine here: 294. The system administrator has tested the workflow rules and must remove current workflows. How can he do that? The system administrator must prevent telesales from registering with Salesforce outside the office. How`s he going to do it? Universal Containers has two sales groups. Each group has its own unique sales process. How can a director ensure that sales agents can only access the relevant phases of their process when they are working on sales opportunities? 329. When a lead is converted with a single marketing campaign, campaign information is automatically assigned to the new contact dataset and sales opportunities 206. Ursa Major Solar has the environment and the following requirements: – A new custom object called Regulations is a secondary element of the account object. – All users need the ability to view the rules when accounts are displayed with the sales account layout.

How should a Salesforce administrator give access to the rules for layout the distribution account? 168. A manager has a new report folder called “Awesome Team Reports”

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