Act Rental Tenancy Agreement

Clearer rules for terminating a lease or resolving a dispute. Condo companies cannot use the Alberta Provincial Court or RTDRS to terminate a lease, recover the property or obtain an evacuation contract for the lease. Owners cannot simply include conditions they want in the rental agreement. All additional conditions must be in accordance with the law. 5. A lessor`s right to retain a surety or surety for property damages covered in paragraph 4, point (a), does not apply if the tenant`s liability is related to the damages and the landlord`s right to obtain compensation for a pet damage bond or surety does not apply, in accordance with Section 24 (2) [the landlord does not meet the requirements of the rental condition] or 36 (2) [Failure to comply with rental report]. 54 (1) A tenant who has entered into a tenancy agreement with a landlord may apply for a property order from the tenancy unit by motion for dispute resolution. (3) If the tenant does not enter into a lease agreement on the rental unit that underwent the renovation or repair work on the date or before the availability date, the tenant no longer has rights to the rental unit. 3.

A tenancy period is unenforceable if (a) on the day or after the day the tenant ceases to occupy the rental unit or the landlord is responsible for maintaining the rental premises in good condition at all times and in good condition, and not just at the beginning of a lease. Safety and comfort standards are set by the Public Health Act and the Housing Regulations. Both tenants and landlords should take the time to read the terms of the agreement and this guide before signing the contract. b) prohibit the landlord from replacing these locks or obtaining keys or otherwise obtaining entry into the rental unit. 3. The director may issue an order before or after the day a tenant has to evacuate a rental unit and the order comes into effect on the date indicated in the order. “Service or establishment” includes one of the following services made available or agreed by the lessor to the tenant of a rental unit: 52 To be effective, a decision to terminate must be made in writing and neither the landlord nor the tenant can be excluded from the rental properties. If the landlord adds or changes locks, a new key must be immediately given to the tenant.

If a tenant wishes to add or modify locks to enhance security, they can do so with the owner`s permission. The tenant must give the landlord a new key as soon as the change has taken place. Landlords and tenants must complete both a registration and a moving inspection report. This report describes the status of rental premises when a tenant moves in and again and again when they move. (e) transform the rental unit for use by a janitor, administrator or superintendent of the residential property; (2) Subject to section 50 [tenant may terminate the lease prematurely] and if the lease is provided, a lessor may terminate the lease of a subsidized rental unit by announcing the end of the lease if the tenant or any other tenant is no longer, if applicable, eligible for the rental unit.

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