Air National Guard Service Commitment Agreement

All services use the same registration contract – the Ministry of Defence`s form 4/1. This is the contract used for military registrations and re-enrollment. Of all the papers you signed during the trial to join the army, this is the most important document. In addition to participating in out-of-service courses, each of the services have programs that allow some registrants to remain on active duty and go to university full-time (receive full pay and allowances). Some of these programs lead to an Officers` Commission, others do not. Most people ask you to join the military for a while. Most require that you get some college (usually two or three years) on your own, first. All of these programs are extremely competitive. There are many, many, many more candidates for these programs than there are “time slots” each year. So if you`re planning to compete with one of those few slots available, you have to be the “best of the best.” This means higher marks, an excellent military record and “Walk on Water” written recommendations from your superiors and commanders. For more information, check out our Education and Training Resources resources. Palace Chase is the name of the program that allows an active duty member with an active duty to convert part of his remaining commitment into a custody or reserve obligation.

In the end, you will need to officially interview for each guard or reserve station, and for most units you should actually be invited to the interview. The best way to get an interview is to spend time in the unit during an UTA weekend, meet other members and make sure the unit is right for you and them. a. FOR ALL LISTES: If this is my first registration, I must serve a total of eight (8) years. Any part of this service that is not in operation must be served in a reserve component, unless I am dismissed earlier. The Navy. The navy calls its registered jobs “ratings.” The Navy offers two programs: Guaranteed Employment and Undesignated Seaman. While both programs are available, most of them are included in the Guaranteed Employment program. Here too, the choice of the desired position depends on your qualifications and the needs of the service. An undated sailor may “strike” after basic training for a job. The Navy also has some “special” registration programs where you can find out which “field” you are going to, but not your specific assessment (employment).

The nuclear program would be an example. These programs typically require higher ASVAB line evaluations and require longer commitment to services, but offer accelerated promotions, greater training opportunities and higher enrolment levels. If you are wondering, I would certainly start with your in-service recruiter. They can help you find jobs, find contacts in units and set up interviews. If you already have a unit in mind, it`s best to visit this unit for a UTA weekend and meet everyone in the unit. The last thing is to talk to your relay commander before you submit your application to Palace Chase. This may sound a little counter-intuitive, but the board really weighs heavily on your Wing Commander`s opinion, whether or not you can Palace Chase. Make sure your CO understands your reasons for searching for Palace Chase and make sure you also understand their perspective. If possible, you`ll get an agreement that you both want to live with and insert these details into your app. If you join the DEP, you are in the army. You are involved in inactive reserves and you are legally (and morally) bound to your registration contract.

(Note: The National Guard does not have a DEP. If you sign on the point line in the National Guard, you will immediately become a member of your National Guard unit.

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