Microsoft Premier Support Agreement Terms And Conditions

The on-demand teaching workshop library consists of video-on-demand content (“training packages”) that are proprietary and confidential and are intended only for uses described in the training material. The training packages, their content and software are made available to you as part of a confidentiality agreement and are confidential information provided by Microsoft. Copying or disclosing all or part of the content and/or software contained in the training packages is strictly prohibited. Access and use of training packages are limited for a period equal to the duration of your subscription to the service. On-site services (Assistance, Service Delivery Management) Find out how Navisite used Premier Support for partners to provide 365 office support services up to 50 percent faster. If you use or receive software from us as part of the service (“Software”), the use of this software is subject to one of two conditions (the “licensing agreement”): if a license for the software is submitted to you, the terms of that license apply; If you are not subject to a licence, the terms of this contract apply. Microsoft reserves all other rights to the software that are not expressly granted by Microsoft under the licensing agreement, whether implied, estoppel or otherwise. Microsoft Unified Support Agreement regulates Microsoft`s vast set of business services, which helps reduce costs, increase productivity and use technology to realize new business opportunities for every stage of the it lifecycle. Support services include: Your Microsoft support package is the right size knowing how many tickets or hours you used in Unified (formerly Premier). There is a “break-even” payment point for peer support or DSE hours vs” “unlimited” tickets. You know what you`ve actually consumed in the last 12 months to make an informed decision. Gartner has identified US Cloud as the only independent third-party support alternative to Microsoft. Companies can replace MSFT Premier/Unified with US Cloud and achieve an instant saving of 30-50% in the first year.

All references to “you” or “you” in these Terms of Use (“TOU”) relate to the organization that has an active and valid subscription to the Services in the form defined below (“Customer”). An “end user” is a student, lecturer, administrator or collaborator of a client authorized by the client to use the services.

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